Monday, March 29, 2010

Bah! Gaping Wound!

I was washing a glass today that had a small crack running down it's gorgeous figure, when CRACK! it broke in my hand, cutting a huge chunk of skin from my index finger.

It actually didn't hurt as much as it was visually repulsive, the blood just would not cease to spill! The carnage! After running around the house trying to find bandages, with no luck, I had to settle for some toilet paper which was awkward to later remove. Then I remembered from my wisdom-tooth-extraction-wound-nursing that moistened tea bags have blood clotting properties. I've made myself some caffeinated tea and will use the tea bag in a moment. When it cools, of course.

As I remembered this, I thought to myself, there must be other good blood-clotting natural friends out there. And lo and behold! Roses apparently! And other plants I'm not terribly familiar with. For this reason, I still hold in my dream life the ambition of having a herb garden, and knowing all the medicinal properties.

I also recall hearing that spider's webs are good for this cut-business, but I'd just done my spring cleaning! Shame on me for ridding my room of the cobwebs...

EDIT: I must have some sort of chakra imbalance today. After boiling water for tea, I hit my head on a cupboard I had left open, spilling hot scalding water on my injury free hand. One burn, and one gaping wound. Centering and Yogic practice? Perhaps it would be wise. Or a catnap and cuddle. <3

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