Saturday, May 15, 2010

Life Update aka. Why the lack of posts!

Over the past two weeks I've been working at my new JOB! It's a tremendously exciting position. I'm working with Clay & Paper theatre doing cycling oriented puppet theatre (part of the CYCLOPS squad) promoting the environment & cycling. The work culture is so socially and environmentally conscious it fills my soul every day I go to work.

And to be honest, being on the internet seems so dissonant with my life right now. My spiritual path has brought me to a stage of letting go of attachment. I feel more tuned into the universe at large, and somehow the internet itself seems awkwardly sitting somewhere between the trivial & mundane and the vastly rich collective unconsciousness BECOMING consciousness.

And ypyp has gone off tree-planting. I don't have high hopes for tree sisters regular posts, BUT one never knows. Open communication is the first step to healing a relationship, perhaps my relationship with the blog will undergo some alchemy and become quite golden.

P.S. Found a five leaf clover today. Being outside is the best way to connect with love, life and __. &Loveing Lif8e, 7it2's a 8gold0en worl02d.