Monday, May 23, 2011

Power of Labyrinths

Dear Friends!

I am excited and nervous to be part of this blog. Excited about the potential for learning and sharing, but nervous as I feel we are often taught to undervalue our contributions. This blog is partially to unconstruct this myth.

I hope to start by sharing some of my experiences from the weekend. I decided to go to Toronto to visit a few friends. Long story short, turns out I got there too early and had some time on my hands. As it was raining, I slowly made my way to the Eaton Centre seeking its warm dry refuge. Within a few minutes and an unnecessary purchased, I decided I need to remove myself from the mall, as my consumeristic urges were on high alert.

I remembered that in Trinity Square is an outdoor labyrinth. Though I have limited knowledge of its original cultural meaning, for me, a labyrinth is a way to reconnect with myself. It is a combination of movement and meditation which brings great joy and peace to my mind. During my long walk, I was overcome with intense feelings. It is hard to describe these feelings, but it is those very feelings we have when we gain a brief moment of insight into that which is greater than us, that which also connects us to others. In those brief moments, I had a profound understanding of how my journey through the labyrinth mirrored my (and our) personal life journies. There is a beginning, middle and end. There are twists and turns. If you look ahead, we have a glimpse of what is to come. If you close your eyes, we become easily lost. The movements of others around us impact how we move. But must importantly, it was an opportunity to reconnect with my own rhythm. Finding once again my own pace in life, my equalibrium. And then appreciating how easy, even within the safe space of a labyrinth, was I distracted from my own rhythm. I wish I could express all of what I felt yet it is an experiental process. And as quickly as those lessons came to me, they have also disappeared. One thing I was certain of is if I stop and listen to the universe, it will speak to me and provide me what I need, not want.

When I completed my journey and stepped back into bustling downtown Toronto, I attempted to keep my rhythm in light of all the distractions and commotion. Perhaps this is a universal challenge. To find and connect with our rhythm and then more importantly, try to maintain it in a world full of distractions and choas. We can change our pace, our directions, but perhaps we all need to remain genuine to our rhythm. And in those moments we find our true rhythms and then connect with others, do we find true love and beauty.

There are so many labyrinths in our mists that we are not aware of. If anyone is interested in learning about one close to them, please check out this website:



Tree Sisters is back in its third reincarnation! This past January, I was fortunate enough to have the time to go to Egbert, Ontario to do a 10-day silent meditation. The Vipassana meditation was a challenge. Through stillness and mental concentration, I faced many unpleasant, and pleasant sensations as memories of days gone by filled my consciousness. It was a journey, no doubt. The most precious gift of the whole experience was the people I met, and got to speak to, on the final day of meditation. The three women I connected with are an inspiration. We've decided to use the medium of internet blogging to keep in touch with one another, and our inner pulses that connect use to the primal current of life: the river under the river. Let's see where the flow will take us!