Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tim Hortons Indignation

It drives me nuts when companies take one step forward, two steps back in their commitment to more ecologically conscious business practice. Here's what Tim Hortons is valiantly promising for the environment:
While recycling and composting are great solutions, eliminating packaging in the first place is even better. Tim Hortons promotes waste reduction through various in-store programs. We continue to remind our customers about our china mug option for dining in-store and our discount for travel mug users.
Great. Lovely. Excellent. And yet Roll-Up-the-Rim season is back and whenever the contest starts all I can see littering the streets are those stupid red and yellow cups. Seriously... commencing head bashing against monitor.

What is the point in encouraging people to use travel mugs, only to try to lure people into essentially buying a useless paper cup through this contest?

Tomorrow's goal: Handwritten letter. This is non-sense. Worse than Starbuck's Ethos water. Almost. Click here if you wish to write too, the faster online way.

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  1. Template for letter:

    March 25, 2010

    Dear Tim Hortons:

    I am absolutely indignant at your company’s current actions. While you boast both in store and online about a commitment to the environment through customer incentives to choose reusable travel mugs, your Roll-Up-the-Rim contest sends a completely different message to consumers. The litter your contest creates is an eyesore in my community. Whenever the contest begins, the streets are littered with losing red-and-yellow cups, and it is sickening that your company has not put in the mental effort to realize how much this contest makes your previous ecological efforts smack of tokenism. I recognize that the Roll-Up-the-Rim contest represents significant profits for your company. However, I urge you to invest in the environment and your own company’s ecological integrity by re-imagining the contest within a framework that does not denigrate other eco-conscious efforts. I for one will no longer patronize your stores until I see a more earnest commitment and shift to eco-consciousness.