Saturday, March 27, 2010

Paying It Forward & Why I love people

Yesterday I went for a much needed job interview. I got called in at 1pm to come in for an interview at 2:30pm. Yikes! I hopped on my bike to get to the nearest bus stop, with only a $20 bill. I stopped quickly to get change, but didn't really pay attention to what change I got. When I got to the bus stop, I realized I had two toonies for $3 bus fare. Arg.
I asked a woman if she had change for a toonie.
She asked if I was trying to get on Mississauga transit or TTC.
I said Mississauga, and, god bless her, she gave me a bus ticket without blinking. I tried to give her the toonie but she said "Naw, pay it forward" and flashed me a gorgeous, generous smile.

My mood was so lifted by such a small token of kindness, and I felt a wave of gratitude fill me. I think it is easy to forget how important such small kindnesses can be for others. It may seem trite... but I had forgotten and the universe deigned to remind me. Thus I wrote about it.

So many words from such a small deed. Onwards!

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