Sunday, March 21, 2010

Organic Excitement

I find buying Organic incredibly exciting -- knowing there are organic products in my fridge makes me incredibly eager to eat!

My most recent purchase was Organic milk, and oh my goodness is it ever delicious! I was extremely surprised to find that the taste and texture is so dramatically different from the regular milk from No Frills. It doesn't taste like farm (with a hay/horse undertone) but just tastes... like milk. That's the best way I can describe it. Non-organic milk in comparison could be described as milk-flavoured-water. Even my father who refuses to drink milk cold enjoyed the Organic.

I made a latte with my new Organic milk, and one with regular. Wow. The foaminess and creaminess of the former was just incomparable. And both were 2%.

Now, granted, the Organic milk is certainly more expensive. 1 litre costs the same as 3 (sometimes 4!) of the regular. But I would recommend the switch wholeheartedly. We as North Americans are tricked into thinking that we need more milk in our diets than we actually do. So less milk, but better quality, is a better deal in the long run. Plus the true environmental cost of the regular makes the price difference negligible.

Seriously though -- obsessed with the glorious new milk! Delicious.

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