Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Holistically Not Dualistically

My questions today: Is it possible? Will there be a paradigm shift in which we can start to think about things with a more holistic understanding -- neither wholly reasonable or wholly intuitive? Will our language be able to encompass such thought? Certainly if we were to think that way, our outward world would have to reflect that shift. For if we are to breathe it in, to be inspired by the world around us, surely it must be holistic in order to think with our whole bodies, our whole selves. Then how is it we continue to ignore the holistic health and integrity of our surroundings. If the earth is not free; how are we free!?

Can we place our thinking not in poetry, not in science, not in past or future but in the present?

Perhaps the only way to make the mental leap of sheer faith, we have to stop premeditating on the question of the existence of such a worldview. And just live it.

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