Saturday, March 20, 2010


Trog-a-log, a blog that had little to no readership published almost 4 years ago has now returned in the form of Trog-a-log-blog.

What is the vision for this reincarnation? How will this blog survive?

Honestly, there is very little vision apart from my goal to write my truth slowly, but surely, with as much care and attention to detail as I can afford. It will be the truest representation of my inner creative being; part activist, feminist, creator, artist, lousy roommate, theatre-school drop-out, University drop-out, humanist, lover, girlfriend, yogi, raw enthusiast, vegetarian, ecologically driven lady and part-time thinker (dare I say philosopher). How many labels can one own?

It is as much of a discovery for me what I will blog about, as it will be for you the reader, who may or may not even exist.

But I suppose I will trust the maxim "If you build it, they will come" or, in this case, if I write it -- you will read it. Already, how my words ring true!

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