Monday, March 22, 2010

Food & Thought

They say you are what you eat. I say: You think what you eat. If you eat synthetic, processed foods, your thoughts are easily turned synthetic and processed. You are swallowing a factory process -- are you manufactured?

If you eat organic food, I believe you think more organically. Making the choice to buy from the earth, makes your thoughts in tune with a broader cycle of life, bigger than man's factories.

My personal food for thought revelation: I found that when I ate food that was getting on the rotten end of things, my thoughts were rotten. The thinking that persuaded me to always eat based on what'll go bad next, made me follow rotten creative leads. I couldn't cut my losses in my fridge, and I couldn't cut my losses in my mind. Now I've reconsidered. Better to let the rotten food compost, and eat the freshest first; while it is still delicious. Let the fresh ideas come out when fresh! (And let the green ones ripen a bit before taking a bite).

Hm. I'll try it out for a week as a mantra: You think what you eat!

P.S. Made delicious cornmeal pancakes today for lunch, with strawberries & maple syrup. Total recipe: 65% organic. Not bad.

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