Monday, March 29, 2010

Re: Tim Hortons

Only about a week after sending a strongly worded complaint to Tim Hortons about their Roll-Up-The-Rim contest, I got an e-mail in reply. I would post it... however, there is a strongly worded, legal post-script at the end of the e-mail about it's legal confidentiality. Okay.

So here is breakdown of the contents:
1) A generic thank-you for feedback
2) An explanation that the 'contest cups' serve two purposes: one as a carry away container, two as a contest 'entry form'; therefore if you brought in your own cup, yes you would still be obliged to get a cup as an 'entry form'
3) The assertion that they have 'investigated' using scratch off cards, but as that would not serve the above "double-function", would not be a viable eco-friendly option. But... and now I cannot help but quote:
Nonetheless, a copy of your comments and suggestion for a more
environmentally friendly solution has been forwarded to the appropriate
personnel in our Marketing Department for review.
4) They informed me of their online Roll-Up-The-Rim contest
5) Thanked me for being a loyal customer... heh heh.

Well, I must say my comments were basically rationalized away. The only part of that response that gives me some hope is the promise to forward my letter to the Marketing Department. Perhaps if more (eh hem :D - it takes 10 minutes, tops!) people write in, maybe it'll start to make more sense to the company to actually change something.

I think this is as far as I'll take this action, I do not have the wherewithal at the moment to continue down what I think may be a dead avenue. The continued action plan: avoid Tim Hortons, go to local coffee spots. And if I get pissed off again at all the litter next Roll-Up-The-Rim season, we'll see.

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