Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spiritually Coming Out

When I decided to resurrect Trog-a-log blog (which I'm expecting to rename soon), I had intended to write incredibly honestly about... my spiritual journey.

Writing began after I had decided to drop out of Humber College (Theatre Performance Program) because of a progressively more insistent inner voice calling me to attend to my spiritual life. How that energy manifests itself quite often is through my ecological beliefs. As of yet though, I never wrote concretely that these thoughts were grounded in a spiritual search, although I'm sure it could be intuited. And as far as I'm concerned, the two aren't really separate, if we are to think holistically about our experience.

Today, in so far as spirituality is concerned, I attended a Kundalini Yoga class at a new studio called Bliss Yoga (Royal York & Bloor W). I must say, there is so much wisdom that comes from physical/spiritual practice. (Of course, I must credit some of my physical sensitivity to Humber's physical theatre program. Even though I dropped out, I am grateful for everything I learned while I was there)

Today it occurred to me that being able to maintain balance in some difficult poses is a physical manifestation of the same kind of inner strength that allows me to stay grounded in my moral beliefs even when I am being bent all out of shape by external pressure.

That's all for today. Just thought I'd come out as a spiritual being!

Much Love!

: I'll leave with a quote I read the other day.
We are not human beings trying to be spiritual, we are spiritual beings trying to be human.

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